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There are two mobile phones shown against a blue background. On the phones are two different screens showing an app that I designed.
The hero section of the home page of a fitness website. It shows a man and a woman in profile running with weights in their hands against a black background.
Thumbnail for the project of Dr. Shannon M. Clark, called
The hero section of a yoga website. It shows two handsome young people sitting cross-legged smiling into each other's faces.
The hero section of a real estate website is shown in a laptop computer.
Two telephones are shown against a pink background. In the phones are two different screens of a fashion app that I designed.
Hero section of the Quality Astrology website
The home page of an app I designed specifically for hands-free use, on the tablet, for a commercial kitchen.
The image shows an open laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone against a turquoise background. On the devices are different screens of an app that I designed.
Thumbnail of the hero section of a website for a business called Waterjug.
An open laptop computer showing the hero section of the Animal Details page of a pet adoption website.
The hero section of a homepage for a website that I designed. It's white and blue and has an illustration of a man who has his briefcase and his tie on wanting to work, but not knowing where to go. He stands next to a signpost that has a question mark on top of it.

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