The hero section of the homepage of QualityAstrology.

Quality Astrology

Website design
Webflow build

For this project, the client was me. I’m a certified astrologer and have had an online presence for many years. My branding and website were stale and needed an update.

The wheel logo is used in the branding of both my portfolio website and this astrology website. It's the Wheel of Change. For this project, I used the wheel instead of a hamburger for the menu-button on smaller breakpoints.

QualityAstrology's new site is made wonderfully interactive with the capabilities of Webflow.

The hero section of the Services page of Quality Astrology's website. The image that spans the entire view height and width shows an image of the landscape and the night sky with the Milky Way very visible in a smear of pinks and purples against an indigo sky. There is a large rocky outcropping in the center with small rocks surrounding. They could be rising out of clouds or water, we're not sure. The hero section of the More Info page of Quality Astrology's website. We are above the clouds looking at a Solar Eclipse. The clouds below show the line of demarkation between the shadow and full sun.