Phone mobile phones showing screens of the Levelrie fashion shopping app.


Mobile App Design
Rapid Prototype

The brief

The client wanted help creating a fashion app with minimal friction.  I was contracted to help her define the app, create wireframes, and an interactive prototype - all in about a week.

The foundation

The client and I worked together to parse out what features she wanted in the app and how it would be organized. I did a quick audit of competitors to see how other people are meeting this particular need.

The client and I exchanged drawings of our ideas and she sent over some screenshots of outfits. With those I was able to iterate. First paper wireframes, then digital wireframes, then a high-fidelity prototype.

The design

The main request from the client was to make the use of the app as friction-less as possible. That meant an abbreviated on-boarding, a user experience based on already-known gestures (swiping left & right), and a check-out process with the fewest clicks possible.

Final thoughts

The client used the prototype to successfully pitch it to investors. The design is currently being built by a coding academy.

A composite image made up of some of the screens of the Levelrie app.