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Freelance: Rapid prototyping

The client would be shopping her unique take on a fashion app to investors and needed something for them to click through. I was contracted to work with the client to help her define the app and to create wireframes and an interactive prototype.

From initial conversation with the customer to delivery of the prototype, I had about a week.


The client provided this logo which gave me a great deal of data to work with.

From it I was able to define a color palette that included tan and pink,
and choose Saira Condensed for the logo font, and Quicksand for the copy font.

The goal: A friction-less experience

The main request from the client was to make the use of the app as friction-less as possible.

That meant an abbreviated on-boarding, a User Experience based on already-known gestures (swiping), and a check-out process in the fewest clicks possible.



The customer gave me the name of an app that she felt was a good beginning, so I downloaded the app and engaged with all aspects of it.

Afterwards, I made paper wireframes of the main flow so she and I would have something to physically collaborate on.



As the client and I worked together to parse out what features she wanted in the app and how it would be organized, she sent over some helpful drawings and screenshots.

From these I was able to iterate. I adjusted my paper wireframes and began building out the wireframes digitally.


Initially, we built out only the top layer of the Favorites area



Using Figma, I translated my sketches and the client feedback into high-fidelity wireframes using images provided by the client.

At this stage, I defined the user flow (making sure to show more than one area of the app on the way to the checkout), defined the Style Guide, and outlined the Information Architecture.


UI Design

Using the initial image of the logo provided by the client, I went to Adobe Fonts, and was able to create a color palette that would work for the project and that the client liked.

Next steps

The meeting in which the client presented her idea and shared this prototype went very well. A coding academy is currently developing the app.

To see the opening animation, restart the prototype in the bottom right corner.

The deliverable:
A fashion app with minimal friction

The client wanted one thing: An experience with as little friction as possible

In response, I did three things:


An abbreviated on-boarding was created that enabled the user to enter the app with a single click.


Movement through the app relies on commonly-known gestures of swiping left to move past something and swiping right to like it.


A checkout process with the fewest amount of clicks possible. Once the default shipping destination is chosen, the checkout requires only a single click for payment.

Final thoughts

This was my first project entirely defined by a customer. Because time was such a constraint, there was limited time for research. This wasn't an issue, though, because the client had a strong vision for what she wanted.

I would love to do more of these rapid prototyping kind of projects. They provide individuals with a powerful tool to present their innovative ideas to potential investors.

Thank you for your attention

If you'd like to work with me or throw some feedback my way, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.