About me

My life has followed a sinuous path, including corporate experience, initiating, leading and participating in creative groups of all kinds, and decades of performance. The study and practice of astrology has taught me deep listening, compassion, and a psychological understanding of what motivates people.

UX Design is the natural extension of my life's experience of collaborating, learning, and problem-solving. When the pandemic hit, I pivoted, went back to school, and learned how to apply what I know about creating live experiences to creating digital experiences. I'm looking to join a group of diverse individuals that I can learn from, who are doing meaningful work and Getting Sh*t Done.

These are just a few of the groups that I have led or participated in.

Torino, Italia

When I'm not working

I like to read, learn, walk, bake, critique Case Studies, and watch anything Star Trek with my partner.

I am passionate about nature, animals, and learning as much as I can about Design. I'm currently reading Actionable Gamification by Yu-Kai Chou, and Visual Explanation by Edward R. Tufte. Both are excellent.