Quick turn-around for a new brand image and website

The client, an Edtech startup, had an outdated brand image and website. They needed someone to create a fresh, modern look for their business, in a week.

The Problem

The old website, built in Wix, had been expanded and added on to by the company and lacked cohesion. Additionally, the colors were dated, and the logo had been carried over from an unrelated project. The company's branding needed a complete overhaul.

The Solution

After understanding what they do and what kind of feeling they wanted their branding to create, I chose a font family, and used color psychology and Adobe Color to suss out the right colors. I also created a custom logo for them, using a compass as a reference.


Their old logotype


Their old logotype seemed arbitrary. The target motif didn't represent their product, and the letters used for the logotype were cobbled together from various fonts. Too, the accentuation of the W and P didn't add value.


Their new logotype

I created this icon specifically for Wisepath using the compass as a motif, because they help people choose a direction and find their path.

The font is commanding but not bossy, and is young enough to resonate with their target audience without feeling immature.


This is the old website

A standard one-page website was no longer enough for them. They wanted me to reorganize as well as freshen up their content.


The new website

It was necessary for me to design several screens of their (yet to be designed) product so I could showcase the mockups throughout the site.

I built the website in Wix so the client would be able to maintain it themselves.


UI Design

My goal was to create a visual identity that is aligned with the brand’s values and message, which is: “Play video games to improve soft skills".

I researched color psychology to find the correct shades of blue and orange, and I chose a single, unifying font to keep things simple.


Once the design was done in Figma and the client gave his approval, I built the website in Wix. When my work was done, I transferred ownership to the client so we could work together on getting the custom URL attached and the SEO set up.

Click to see the finished website


  • Choosing colors had been difficult for me in the past. With this project, I went deeper to learn how different shades and hues of colors affect people's psychology. As a result, the colors for this project are strong; they convey a message and work well together.

  • As this project was for a start up, I purposely kept their branding simple, with a single font, only three colors, and an essential icon.

  • I really enjoyed making their custom logotype and would like to do more of that in the future.

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