Website Design

for an Innovation Design Studio

Freelance: Website design and construction

The client runs an Innovation Design studio and needed a website.




My Role


Website jockey


About 2 weeks


Customer Assets

The customer had only this low-fidelity logo for me to work with. From this, I created new logos for him based on a similar typeface and a color palette.

Client Interaction

Since this website wouldn't have any success metrics associated with it, it simply needed to create a sense of authority and inform his potential clients of the range of his services.

I asked the client to provide me with three adjectives to describe how he wants his website to feel.


The client wants his potential clients to feel a sense of authority and trust in his knowledge and capabilities


The site should convey the feeling associated with cutting-edge technology


Without a lot of fanfare or design clutter, the client wanted the website to be clean and simple


I created the white-line icons in Figma by over-tracing similar icons

The white box is a placeholder for video


Once the design was done in Figma and the client gave his approval, I got to work on creating the site inside a website builder. Wix has the easiest-to-use interface, so I built the site there, and then transferred ownership to the client so we could work together on getting the custom URL attached and the SEO set up.

See the completed website


With every project, I learn a handful of things. With this website, I learned:

  • of a way to create unique icons in Figma

  • how to use layers with more subtlety

  • how to use Wix more proficiently than before; I created beautiful and functional hover-over boxes for the Waterjug website

  • how to better pass-off a completed website so the client feels confident in maintaining it, if they desire to

Thank you for looking

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a product or website that you would like design assistance with.